Color Options

We always have a few select paints and varnishes in larger amounts on hand that we like and you can always choose from one of these:

According to the Behr website, “Mysterious Night”, Exterior, Ultra Premium Plus with a Satin finish looks like this. But computer screens don’t do it justice. I think it looks much darker than this in actuality. Other paint details: Behr Exterior, Ultra Premium Plus, Satin.
This is our photo of what “Mysterious Night” actually looks like. (Of course, our camera’s white balance is not perfect either, but we think it looks fairly close…)
Here is what Behr says the “Timber Brown” that we have in stock is supposed to look like. We think this is a drastic deviation from what the color actually looks like. Other paint details: Behr Exterior, Ultra Premium Plus, Satin.
This is a much closer match of what we think Timber Brown actually looks like… We chose this because it matches the color of a lot of rain gutters for sale at Home Depot and elsewhere.
Plain white base: Behr Exterior, Ultra Premium Plus, Satin. An accurate representation of this will not display well on any screen, so this representation will have to do…

Color swatches for all of those are available at many Home Depot stores.


The Varnishes that we keep on hand include three WinWax Stain and Polyurethane color variations: (A) Espresso (B) Bombay Mahogany and (C) Classic Oak

But if you would prefer a custom color we will try to oblige.

Generally speaking, if we can buy a small paint sample or an 8oz can of varnish from Home Depot, we will paint your characters with brushes for you. If a large quantity are ordered, we may use an air-sprayer to apply the finish instead. A small sample can generally cover about ten 8 inch characters (varnishes can stretch further). We do not use canned spray paints! for environmental reasons. Sorry…

If you elect a custom paint, please be detailed in your description or it may take some time to work out what paint to apply.