For the past year and a half or so, 3D Sign Fonts has essentially been in standby mode. It has been fulfilling orders, but it has not been doing anything significant to grow further. Well, it’s time for that to change.

Today, several periods throughout the week have been allocated in my schedule to work solely on furthering the growth of 3D Sign Fonts. The schedule had to be coordinated in conjunction with work on other businesses BenevolentPlum, and ClarkdaleRV, as well as other obligations.

The new schedule is subject to change, but in addition to any time required to fulfill orders, for now, three additional blocks of 4 hours have been reserved, three days a week, starting this Friday (6-12-2020) to focus on growth and development.

Also, to help hold myself more accountable to this schedule, and to keep track of developments over a longer period of time, I will commit to updating this page on a workday basis.

Here’s to our success,

Damian Green