Hanger Kit Options

There are a number of ways to install your characters to a wall:

Of course you can always drill some holes in your characters and just screw them to the wall, but it is important to note that wood often splits especially when screw heads sink into it. Another issue is that screw heads often appear unsightly, so we don’t really recommend this option.

Methods we recommend are these:

For interior walls, you can often use double sided sticky tabs (usually from 3M) which release from the wall cleanly when the tab is pulled. We offer these as an add on when you design your project as well.

For more permanent applications and exterior applications, it is much better to use a stronger adhesive, like Liquid Nails, which will hold up for many years. But how do you keep the characters from falling off the wall while the adhesive is drying? This is a very real challenge if you are not familiar with a very simple trick that works in most cases: Use both adhesive and double tipped nails! A couple of nails hold the character to the wall while the adhesive is drying, and the adhesive keeps it stuck strongly to the wall thereafter.

We sell these hanger kits, which include 4 double tipped nails and a tool (a small metal tube really) that fits over one end of the nail so that you can hammer it in to your character. You would then carefully hammer your character to the wall using another wood block in front to protect it.

Watch the demonstration video:

But what about mounting them to concrete? This challenge becomes much more complicated. Well, there are a number of things you can do depending on the circumstances. the simplest may be to use good masking tape to hold the character to the wall while the adhesive is drying; a clean smooth surface may be necessary for that however. Another way would be to cut a long 2″ x 4″ piece of wood such that you can use it to lean against the wall while simultaneously propping the character up in place while the adhesive is drying. If balancing the 2×4 against the wall happens to be to impractical however, a third option would be to use a hammer drill with a masonry bit to drill a small hole in the concrete. From there, you can find a number of different mounts or standoffs, such as the Gyford HD-ZCLIP-2  z-clip mount, or the Fisso® Klipser™ standoff (if you google “hidden standoff” for example). mbs-standoffs also has a number of mount options. The list goes on and on…