For the most part, our Design form takes care of all the calculations necessary to determine the price of your project. However, there are some custom projects that the Design form can’t handle, and for those, you just have to contact us directly to get a quote.

We also don’t currently have a credit card processing system in place on this site because we do most of our business on Amazon, so, once we receive the specifications of your design from the Design form, we can then calculate the price and give you a quote. If you approve the price, we will then get started, and when finished we will post it as a product with photos on Amazon where you will then have a limited time to buy it.

In order to give you a more detailed estimate of how much the design of a single character might cost, we can provide you with this spreadsheet which we use, and should provide you with some more detailed information about how we calculate our prices:

Note however that the shipping prices in the above table are simply a rough estimate of what the actual price may be. We can not include the actual shipping price in the table because the algorithm for determining it is much too complicated and depends highly on the design. The actual shipping price will be determined at the time of purchase, after we have packaged it up and know the precise weight and size of the product.

If you have questions, please contact us here.