Reflective Bead Options

Because our numbers are often used outdoors on signs and address markers, our customers often like to add a reflective coat to the surface of the character. We’ve found that what works better than any reflective or metallic paints is to apply a thin coat of reflective crystals on to the surface immediately after it has been painted. Once it dries, we also then spray on another thin coat of clear epoxy to help fix the beads into position.

Here are some photos of what a painted number might look like:

Purple Numbers Without Flash
Purple Numbers With Flash

Car headlights tend to make these shine even brighter than these photos give them justice for.

Here are some other images:

Currently, we only offer one bead fixation option and that is to apply the beads evenly across the front surface of the character, but we do have some thoughts about how else we might be able to do it. If you have a particular idea in mind, let us know, perhaps we can accommodate…